Our "Why"

Communications professionals are numbed by the complexity of data analytics.

44,7% of comms professionals in Europe are missing support, flexibility and culture to conquer the digital transformation - European Communications Monitor, 2022


Analysing communications impact shouldn't be complex. No need to outsource the process, you are not alone!

We are a collective of hands-on analysts who share hard-earned learnings. Our focus is practical & operational-level knowledge, that helps comms professionals to practive effective comms analytics.


Data culture
Antonia Eidner
Dashboard building
Timo Radzik
Strategic measurement
Ricarda Heim
Social media analysis
Laura Mattner
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Data-Driven Impact Reporting
by Ricarda Heim
Learning about the significance of easy access to analytics is the first step. Let’s do it together!
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Data Culture
by Antonia Eidner
Data Culture seems to be a tricky topic, since culture can’t be bought or dictated. Let’s take it step by step and you’ll succeed!
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Data-driven comms
by Timo Radzik
This Zine is your trusted companion for transforming communications data into actionable insights.
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Knowledge is transported best in person. This is why we offer impulse sessions, that focus on hands-on, practical learnings.

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We are happy to share with you our learnings about relevant comms analytics topics.

  • 01 Goal-oriented analytics
  • 02 Data culture for comms
  • 03 Team transformation
  • 04 Social media analysis
  • 05 Media monitoring
  • 06 Dashboard building
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Impulse session

Get hands-on learnings and Q&A from one of us, depending on the topic.